S.No. Title of the Project Sponsoring Agency Name of the Investigator Name of the Co-Investigator Sanction amount
1. Deworming Drench Gun (2 Years) BIRAC – BIG Dr. M. Maran Asso.Professor Mr. M. VivekPrabhu, Asst. Professor Rs.28.6 lakhs
2. Investigation of Conjugate Heat Transfer from a series of blocks mounted over a flat surface in a confined environment DST Dr. P. Rajesh Kanna Rs.6.24 lakhs
3. Safe, Human powered and Low cost Multipurpose Machine for fireworks Industry in Sivakasi Cluster DST Dr. G. Manikandan Dr. V. Anbumalar,
Dr. P Rajesh Kanna
Rs. 20 lakhs
4. Efficient Approach of Coconut Plucking Process – A Human Powered, Safe Mechanical Device. DST Dr. P. Rajesh Kanna Dr. V. Anbumalar,
Dr. P Rajesh Kanna
Rs.23.62 lakhs
5. Intelligent control methods for autonomous underwater vehicle-manipulator systems AICTE Mr. M. Saravana Mohan            – Rs.10.65 lakhs
6. Robust and intelligent control of underwater robot manipulator DRDO -NRB Dr. S. Poonkundran Mr. M. Saravana Mohan Rs.24.97 lakhs
7. Automatic Button Feeding-riverting machine for garments industries DST Dr. G. Manikandan Mr.M.Maran
Mr.A.ArunSenthil Kumar
Rs.16.7 Lakhs
8. Jasmine flower winding machine DST-IEDC Dr. G. SenthilKumar              – Rs.1 Lakhs
9. Development of multi stage fluid bed biomass gasification system DST (Indo –Tunisia) Dr.V. Anbumalar
Prof. Borjini Mohamed Naceur, National School of Engineering, Monastir, Tunisia
             – Rs 17 Lakhs
10. Physiotherapy Assisting Devices for Legs and Fingers DST Dr. M. Maran Mr. T. Kamatchi
Mr. M. VivekPrabhu
Mr. K. MeenakshiSundar
Rs.35 lakhs

Consultancy Project

S.No. Title of the Project Industry Name of the Investigator Sanction amount
1. Refinement of existing human powered equipment Sri Kaliswari Fire works, Sivakasi Dr. G. Manikandan,
Dr. V. Anbumalar,
Dr. P. Rajesh Kanna
2. Design and fabrication filling machine for rockets fire works Industry at Sivakasi cluster-Completed Sri Kaliswari Fire works, Sivakasi Dr. G. Manikandan,
Dr. V. Anbumalar,
Dr. P. Rajesh Kanna
3. Market & product survey for bio-mass briquette-Completed Paramakudi Bio Fuels,Paramakudi Dr. G. Manikandan,
Dr. V. Anbumalar
4. Vibratory feed mechanism-under Process. Penguin Garments Mr. M. Maran,
Mr. A. Arun, Senthil kumar
5. Hemiplegia Therapy Device for Stroke Patients BIRAC Dr. M. Maran,
Dr. R. G. Arun
6. Design of Curd Packing Machine System & Automation Mr. T. Kamatchi,
Mr. M. FahimulAshim
7. Pearl Millet removing Machine IEDC Dr. V. Anbumalar Rs.12,00,000/-

Ministry of MSME, Govt of Finance Consultancy Projects

S.No. Title Students Name Guide Name Sanction amount
1. Natural sisal fiber reinforced hybrid composite chairs and construction bricks 1. R. Karthick2. J. Ram Kumar3. B. Vishal Duraisamy Dr. M. Aruna Rs.6.25 lakhs
2. Equipment for plantation agricultural automation 1.V.K. Sarang2. B. Arun Prasanth3. M. Dinesh Kumar 1. Dr. V. Anbumalar2. Mr. N. Dinesh Kumar Rs.5 lakhs
3. Conveyor fed fish scaling machine 1. C. Mathan2. Rajesh Kanna3.V. Krishna Moorthy

4. M. Arun Pandian

Dr. P. Rajesh Kanna Rs.5 lakhs
4. Semi-Automatic dish washer for Indian utensils 1.R. Athava Moorthy2. Srinivasan3. Palanippan

4. Sarang

Dr. P. Rajesh Kanna Rs.5 lakhs
5. Saline bottle level indicator 1. R. N. Ramprasath2. B. Arunprasath3. R. Athava Moothy Mr. A. Mothilal Rs.4 lakhs
6. Mechanized step in automatic flushing system without sensor and spring platform (include mobile urinals) S. Emmanuel Richards 1. S. Emmanuel Richards 1.Dr. G. Manikandan2. Dr. P. Rajesh Kanna Rs.4 lakhs
7. Semi-Automatic rubber tapping machine 1. S. Emmanuel Richards2. G. Dhashwanth Srinivas3.  Arunachalam Dr. P. Rajesh Kanna Rs.5 lakhs
8. Low cost high efficient sugar cane peeler Mr. Sundaramoorthy Freelance Innovator, Madurai Dr. P. Rajesh Kanna Rs.5.4 lakhs
Total amount sanctioned from MSME Rs.42.274 Lakhs Rs.42.274 lakhs