Vision To produce quality electrical engineers for industry and good citizens for society through excellence in technical education and research. Mission • To empower graduates with sophisticated knowledge and technical skills. • To explore, create an... read more

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) • Graduates will professionally be competent, excel in academics and be able to solve wide range of problems in Electrical and Electronics Engineering field to serve the needs of employers. • Graduates will engage... read more

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Dr. A. Shunmugalatha Professor & Head Send Mail View More.. Dr. N. Karpagam Professor Send Mail View More.. Dr. R. NarmathaBanu Professor Send Mail View More.. Dr. S. Dhanalakshmi Associate Professo... read more

Non Teaching Staff Name Designation Mr.P.Sivakumar, M.E Lab Instructor Mr. C. Tamilselvan, D.E.E.E. Lab Instructor Mrs. K. Nagarani, B.E. Lab Instructor Mr.S.Thirukkuru D.E.E.E Lab Instructor Mr.S.Mutuganandam, D.E.E.E Lab Instructor Ms.A.Rajeswari Attend... read more

Dr. A. Shunmugalatha, Head of the Department, Electrical and Electronics engineering is at the heart of modern technology and innovation from computers to health care, electronics, space technology, musical systems, cars, robotics, biomedical devices, and... read more

Program Outcomes The Graduates will be able to: PO1: Apply the knowledge of Mathematics, Science and Electrical Engineering Fundamentals. PO2: Identify, formulate and analyze Electrical Engineering problems. PO3: Design, develop and interpret the solution... read more

Total R&D grant received – Rs.133.39L S.No Academic Year Project Title With PI/CO-PI Funding Agency Duration Sanctioned Amount(Rs in lakhs) Status of Project 1 2011-12 Current source Inverter fed Brush less DC motor Drive with Buck converter Dr.A. S... read more

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs) Make use of the basic concepts in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and its specialization to solve the complex problems in power systems, control systems, electrical drives and embedded systems. (K3) Analyze suitable... read more