Dr. R. Perumalraja

Head Of the Department

Information Technology (IT) is the study, design, development, implementation, management and application of computers and telecommunication based information systems to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data. The department aims to impart high quality education in IT and conduct top notch research in IT-related fields.

The department provides state-of-art infrastructure and computing facilities to students and faculty.The faculty members are actively involved in different domains of research with special focus in four thrust areas: (i) Network and Information Security, (ii) Artificial Intelligence, (iii) Data Base Management Systems and (iv) Software Engineering and Computing. The department has a regular computing lab as well as the state-of-art research labs in robotics and networks & Software development, where faculty and students are working on funding projects and offering consultancy services.

The Department follows a well proven pedagogy of sharing knowledge with the young and vibrant minds of the college. As we are affiliated to Anna University, Chennai, the curriculum and subjects are prescribed by the Anna University. In addition to instruction in core IT subjects, we also teach elective subjects and value added courses in advanced topics such as Cloud Computing, Digital Image Processing, Wireless Sensor Networks, Computer Graphics, Applications of Embedded System using Arduino, etc.