AICTE Approval ARIIA Report NAAC NIRF Report Beyond Boundaries Grievance Redressal

List of Funded Research Projects

SI.No Project Co-ordinators Department Funding Agency Amount Sanctioned (Rs.)
1 Reduction of EMI Emission In High Frequency Circuits of PCB Configurable By Optimization Techniques PI: Dr. N. Suresh Kumar Co-Investigators:
Mrs. P.Rajeswari,
Mrs. B. Sridevi
ECE DRDO 21.21 Lakhs
2 Conductive Concrete Blocks from Industrial Waste as Electromagnetic Shielding Material PI: Dr. L. Andal
Dr. N. Suresh Kumar
CIVIL/ECE DST 27.59 Lakhs
3 Design and Development of Smart Monitoring unit for Kindergarten Children and Old age people PI: Dr. G. Velmathi Co-Investigators:
Dr. S. Vasuki,
Mr. P. Karthikeyan
ECE DST 38.16 Lakhs
4 Intelligent Automated Respiratory Monitoring and Control Unit using LabVIEW PI: Dr. S. Vasuki
Mr. S. Sankar Kumar
ECE AICTE 10.24 Lakhs
5 Development of Automated Object Definition & Classification Algorithm in Hyperspectral Images for Battlefield Surveillance System PI: Dr. S. Vasuki
Mr. G. Veera Senthil Kumar,
Mr. P. Karthikeyan
ECE DRDO 18.86 Lakhs
6 Decentralised Grid Computing Intrusion Detection System in Wireless Sensor Networks for Military Personne PI: Dr. S. Vasuki
Mr. A. Babu Karuppiah
ECE DRDO 15.41 Lakhs
7 Current source Inverter fed Brush less DC motor Drive with Buck converter Mr. J. Karthikeyan, Dr.A. Shunmugalatha EEE DRDO 14.98 Lakhs
8 Custom Power Devices for Power Quality Management N.Karpagam, Dr.S.Dhanalakshmi, Ms.J.Rajeswari, Ms.P.Venkateshwari EEE AICTE 9 Lakhs
9 Development of Safe,Human powered and low cost Multipurpose machine for firework industry at Sivakasi cluste Dr. G. Manikandan,
Dr. V. Anbumalar,
Dr. P Rajesh Kanna
Mechanical DST 20.0 Lakhs
10 Investigation of Conjugate Heat Transfer from a series of blocks mounted over a flat surface in a confined environment Dr. P Rajesh Kanna Mechanical DST 6.24 Lakhs
11 Efficient Approach of Coconut Plucking Process – A Human Powered, Safe Mechanical Device Dr. P Rajesh Kanna,
Dr. G. Manikandan,
Dr. V. Anbumalar
Mechanical DST 23.62 Lakhs
12 Efficient e-waste management through Coordinated Web Service using WS- Dependable Spac Dr. P. Alli
CSE DST 16.01 Lakhs
13 Intelligent control methods for autonomous underwater vehicle-manipulator systems Mr.M.Saravana Mohan Mechanical AICTE 10.65 Lakhs
14 Robust and intelligent control of underwater robot manipulators Dr.S.Poonkuntran, Mr.M.Saravana Mohan (Mech) CSE DRDO/NRB 24.47 Lakhs
15 Business incubator CIPDBI Dr.G.Manikandan, Dr.p.Rajesh Kanna Mechanical MSME 42.27 Lakhs
16 Mathematics Populization And Communication On Mathematics Enrichment Dr.S.Velammal, Dr.S.Karthikeyan Mathematics DST 3.18 Lakhs
17 Automated button feeding-rivetting machine for Garment Industries Dr. G. Manikandan PI, Mr. M.Maran – CoPI,
Mr. A. ArunSenthil Kumar – CoPI.
Mechanical DST 16.7 Lakhs
18 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Center Dr.A.Shunmugalatha, Dr.R.Narmathabanu & Ms.B.Kriuthiga EEE DST 43 Lakhss
19 Jasmine flower Winding Machine Dr.G.Senthil Kumar Mechanical DST-IEDC 1.00 Lakhs
20 NadiPariksha – Resurrection Using Advancement in Signal Processing Techniques PI: Dr.S.Vasuki Dr.K.Kavitha ECE DST(SHRI) 31.37 Lakhs
21 Teachers Associateship for Research Excellence (TARE) PI: Dr. P.SuveethaDhanaselvam ECE SERB 15.00 Lakhs
22 Lifesaving IoT based hazardous gas monitoring and drainage block detection and removal system to prevent manual scavenging PI: Dr. A.BabuKaruppiah ECE DST 10.00 Lakhs
23 EAC,EDP,TEDP (2016-17)
Dr. A. Shunmugalatha, Dr.R.Narmathabanu & Mrs.B.Kiruthiga EEE EDII, DST-NIMAT 9.60 Lakhs
24 EAC,EDP,TEDP (2017-18)
Dr. A. Shunmugalatha, Dr.R.Narmathabanu & Mrs.B.Kiruthiga EEE EDII, DST-NIMAT 7.00 Lakhs
25 EAC,EDP,TEDP (2018-19)
Dr. A. Shunmugalatha, Dr.R.Narmathabanu & Mrs.B.Kiruthiga EEE EDII, DST-NIMAT 9.10 Lakhs
26 International Conference Dr. A. Shunmugalatha EEE DST 5.00 Lakhs
27 Start-Up NIDHI Project , Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) Dr. A. Shunmugalatha, Dr. R. Narmathabanu & Mrs. B. Kiruthiga EEE DST 2.00 Lakhs
28 Design and development of prototype hardware for efficient and automated solar powered irrigation system with pest control and weather forecasting using Io'T PI: Dr. N. Karpagam EEE SERB 20.16 Lakhs
29 Development of multi stage fluid bed biomass gasification system Dr. V. Anbumalar & Prof. Borjini Mohamed (Tunisia) MECH Indo-Tunisia DST 17.00 Lakhs
30 Physiotherapy Assisting Devices for Legs and Fingers PI: Dr. M. Maran, Mr. T. Kamatchi, Mr. M. VivekPrabhu & Mr. K. MeenakshiSundar MECH DST 35.00 Lakhs
31 Deworming Drench Gun PI: Dr. M. Maran & Mr. M. VivekPrabhu MECH BIRAC 27.60 Lakhs
32 Hemiplegia Therapy Device for Stroke Patients Dr. M. Maran & Mr. R.G.Arun MECH BIRAC 15.00 Lakhs
33 Pearl Millet removing Machine Dr. V. Anbumalar, Mr. Ajith Kumar, Mr.Viswanathan & Mr.Mohan Prakash MECH IEDC-Startup-NIDHI 10.00 Lakhs
34 CST Based Community Cooking System with Heat Storage PI: Dr.P.Alli, Dr.S.Poonkuntran, Dr.R.Deepalakshmi & Mr.G.VinothChakkaravarthy CSE MNRE 56.25 Lakhs
35 Classification of Satellite Images using Cellular Automata PI: Dr.S.Poonkuntran Dr.P.Alli CSE ISRO 16.45 Lakhs
36 Technical tour on cloud computingAnd big data analytics - challenges and solutions Dr.S.Poonkuntran CSE AICTE ISTE 3.00 Lakhs
37 Atal Tinkering Lab Dr.P.Alli CSE NITI Aayog 20.00 Lakhs
38 AQIS- AICTE (2017-18) 32.30 Lakhs
39 AQIS- AICTE (2018-19) 25.00 Lakhs
40 EAC,EDP,TEDP (2019-20) Dr. A. Shunmugalatha Dr.R.Narmathabanu & Mrs.B.Kiruthiga EEE EDII,DST-NIMAT 2.60 Lakhs
41 Image pre processing Enhancement and 3D Modelling of Submerged Features / Objects for Digital Reconstruction of Poombuhar Dr.S.Vasuki, Dr.P.Suveetha Dhanaselvam & Mr.G.Pradeep Kumar ECE DST 30.00 Lakhs
42 Development of PCM encapsulated light weight aggregate concrete wall panels for thermal comfort in buildings Dr.L.Andal Tomasz Kisilewicz, (Polad) CIVIL DST Indo-Poland 10.00 Lakhs
43 Modrobs For Image Processing Lab To Add Remote Sensing Data Analysis Facility Dr.S.Vauski, Dr.K.Kavitha, Dr.G.VeeraSenthil Kumar & Dr. P. Karthikeyan ECE AICTE 16.47 Lakhs
44 Ankle Rehabilitation Device Dr.T.Kamatchi, Dr. M. Maran, Dr. N. Dinesh kumar, Mr. M. VivekPrabhu & Mr. K. MeenakshiSundar Mechanical DST 21.43 Lakhs
45 Design and Development of Low-cost Nutrient Sensors and Smart Solar Powered Fertigation System Dr.R.Perumalraja, Dr.S.Kamalesh & Dr.R.Kavitha IT DST 19.94 Lakhs
46 Investigations on Electromagnetic phenomenon behind the Temple Kalasam in Indian Historic Temples Dr.N.Suresh Kumar & Dr.P.Rajeswari ECE SHRI-DST 17.8 Lakhs
47 Scheme for Promoting Interest,Creativity and Ethics among Students (SPICES) Dr. A. Shunmugalatha, Dr.S.Senthil Rani & Ms.J.Rajeswari EEE AICTE (SPICES) 1.00 Lakh
48 MODROB: Power Electronics Lab Dr. A. Shunmugalatha, Dr.S.Dhanalakshmi & Dr.A.Radhika EEE AICTE 8.00 Lakhs
49 Modernisation of IoT lab with data science and cloud infrastructure Dr.R.Perumalraja, Dr.R.Kavitha & Dr.S.Kamalesh IT AICTE MODROB 6.8 Lakhs
50 IoT Enabled Smart cane for Enhancing Visually Impaired Mobility Dr.P.Rajeswari, Dr.S.Vauski & Dr.N.Suresh Kumar ECE AICTE 10.25 Lakhs
51 Deep Learning Approaches for Clinical Decision Making on Lung Diseases for COVID-19 Prediction Dr.P.Alli, Dr.S.Sasikala & Mr.G.VinothChakkaravarthy CSE AICTE 10.00 Lakhs
52 Business incubator CIPDBI Dr. G. Manikandan & Mr. K. MeenakshiSundar MECHANICAL MSME 61.73 Lakhs
53 Digital Mamallai Co-Investigators: Dr. P. SuveethaDhanaselvam & Mr. G. Pradeep Kumar ECE DST- SHRI 23 Lakhs
54 AI Enabled Assist for Visually Impaired Movements PI: Dr. P. Rajeswari Co-Investigators: Ms. Siva Darshini & Ms. Shruthika ECE MSME 7.65 Lakhs
55 Design And Development of An Indigenous Multianalyte Food Adulteration Detection Device PI: Dr. K. Kavitha, Prof&Head Co-Investigators: Dr. N. Suresh Kumar, Senior Principal, Dr. P. Karthikeyan & Dr. J. Sivasankari ECE MSME 15 Lakhs
56 Indigenously developed indoor drone for rapid stock management in warehouse PI: Mr. G. Pradeep Kumar & Mr. L. Vinoth Kumar ECE MSME 12.5 Lakhs
TOTAL GRANTS 983.59 Lakhs