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Dr. S. Sasikala

Head of the Department

            The VCET, offers B.Tech – Artificial Intelligence and Data Science programme to bring out the technical talent of the younger generation and mould them holistically to face the external world with prompt interpersonal and problem-solving skills.

             B.Tech. Programme in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science will cater the needs of tomorrow in all domains. Demand for professionals, skilled in data analytics and machine learning is increasing day by day. Students will learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science through training in predictive, descriptive and prescriptive analytics. Graduates will be equipped with relevant skills that can be applied to a range of industries which increasingly use these cutting-edge technologies.
            AI and DS graduates will be able to design and develop intelligent business applications to solve various industrial problems. The cardinal outcome of AI and DS program at VCET is to equip students to identify potential business acumen blended with AI. The students may recognize different business trends by assessing complicated data sets and help in increasing the profits of a company by planning, analysing, developing and nourishing business intelligence solutions. Students completing this programme will become full-stack data scientists, well-equipped for a variety of job roles depending on their choices and temperament including AI Researchers, Data Scientists as well as Industrial and Societal Entrepreneurs.
            The department will be driven by its commitment to cultivate Industry-Academia partnership, drive collaborative research with other domains and equip with needed talents to contribute on multi-disciplinary projects by translating the developed technology into real world impacts.