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Dr. G. Vinoth Chakkaravarthy

Head of the Department

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (Cyber Security) is a well-designed four-year undergraduate program that aims to provide students with a solid foundation in computer science while providing core knowledge and skills in Cyber Security. The program blends theoretical knowledge with practical application, allowing students to develop a deeper understanding of key concepts and their practical implications. This approach ensures that graduates are well prepared to meet the complex and evolving challenges of Cyber Security. The curriculum is divided into four parts: Math, Core-CSE, Core-Cyber Securityand Applications, each focusing on different areas of study. The course aims to prepare students for both industry placements and further research in Cyber Security.The Core-Cyber Security courses focus specifically on cybersecurity principles and practices. Topics covered include Classical Cryptography, Cyber Security Essentials, Modern Cryptography, System Security Management, Network Penetration Testing, Ethical Hacking, Social Engineering, Cyber Forensics, and Web Application Security. These courses provide students with an in-depth understanding of Cyber Security fundamentals, threat detection and prevention mechanisms, and the skills required to investigate and respond to cyber threats.
The advanced skills gained through the program open doors to many career paths, including such roles as Software Engineer, System Analyst, Network Administrator, Information System Manager, Cyber Security Analyst, Penetration Tester, Threat Analyst, Security Software Specialist, including Cyber Threat Responder. Leading software companies like Deloitte, TCS, Wipro, CTS (Cognizant Technology Solutions), CISCO, Infosys and Accenture are in high demand for Cyber Security graduates. The department continually keeps up with the most recent technical developments and business trends to ensure that students receive the most cutting-edge and industry-relevant education possible. The department's faculty members are committed to offering high-quality instruction that is tailored to the needs of the business and is highly qualified and experienced. They have a special combination of academic and professional experience that allows them to give students a well-rounded education that equips them for the demands of the real world.